Heinz: It Has To Be Heinz

New York
Heinz Ketchup Tattoo

We portray a range of real, audacious stories, from cafeteria crushes, funerals, faux pas uses (ketchup on sushi, ketchup on ice cream, ketchup on spaghetti) to people stealing Heinz from hotels, and superfans (Ringo Starr once took a suitcase full of Heinz Beans on a spiritual trip in India) and more. Heinz products have been used in proposals, high-profile protests, and brought to the International Space Station.

Overall, our fans' dedication took the brand to the next level with their undeniable love. Our work directly changed how Heinz strategically understood its consumers, how the brand invested in media, how it managed its social communities, and how the Heinz US team collaborates across product divisions and global markets.It has been adapted locally in Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and the Nordic countries. The platform is being actively adapted in Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy.

Heinz Collection Photo
Heinz Space Station
Heinz: Luggage XRay

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