Samsung: Galaxy A ‘Awesomeship’


A 'dramedy' about the intimate connection between a person and their smartphone

The new Samsung Galaxy A frees us to express our creativity and share our passions, helps us stay connected with friends and family…it really feels more like a life companion than a gadget, in fact one could say it’s an Awesome partner.

The hero film sees its protagonist, Hayley, clumsily drop her device. As it tumbles through the air, she fears for its survival, and with a large scream – “MY GALAXY AAAA…” – she and the viewer are taken on a wild ride through the fun and evocative memories that she and her phone have shared together. Zooming out of her reverie and back into the present day, she recovers to make an improbable catch, just before her Galaxy A hits the ground; panic over, awesome!

The campaign’s 15” films follow similar moments of jeopardy, but this time designed to highlight specific features: from not having anywhere to charge on a 2 day camping trip; to losing your fast, 5G connection just as a new sneaker is about to drop; misplacing your device when that perfect, night-time photo opportunity arises; and the consequences of a Galaxy A coming into contact with a stray frisbee or even a nonchalantly tossed prawn.

All of these crises are averted or salvaged thanks to the brilliant new features and specs of the Galaxy A54 5G.

The work rolled out globally, with key markets in Europe, the Middle East, South America and South East Asia.

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