Duolingo: Duolingo Roll


The language learning app encourages you to practice even when you're on the toilet

Duolingo: Duolingo Roll
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Thoughtfully designed for those with no time to learn, the limited edition Duolingo Roll – a toilet paper-based language-learning tool – was available for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese speakers. Made with 3-ply softness – because language learning is hard enough – Duolingo Roll featured some of the most iconic phrases from the app. This 100% screen-free platform allowed learners to turn down time into learning time, creating a daily habit hard to skip.

“Duolingo understands that one of the most common barriers to learning a language is how much time it takes. However, studies have found that people spend an average of 14 minutes a day sitting on the toilet. Developing a new product to help learners utilize this down time was a natural extension of its multi-platform offering.” Thom Dinsdale, Planning Director at W+K Amsterdam

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Duolingo Roll may have launched on April 1, but was kickstarted by a very real collaboration with WeWork – with rolls installed in 18 of their offices’ bathrooms across China. In addition, a number of lucky early adopters received the first Duolingo Rolls in England, Mexico, Brazil, the US, Japan and China.

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