Coca-Cola: Show Up

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Apparently, no-one is safe from being flaked out on. Not even the great Martin Scorsese.

Coke Energy The Dots 1
Coke Energy The Dots 2

Coke’s biggest innovation of 2020 comes just in time as the brand makes its return to the Big Game.

Coca-Cola Energy—Coca-Cola’s brand-new energy drink—is the ultimate anti-flaking elixir. It’s the enemy of last-minute dropouts. It gives you the energy to have fun instead of canceling.

In this film we encapsulate a feeling most people know all too well. When Martin Scorsese texts his friend Jonah Hill to see if he’s joining him at a party they’ve agreed to go to together, he awaits in anticipation as the dreaded three dots pop up on his phone screen. Is Jonah Hill really going to flake out on him? Can this really be happening? Not on Coca-Cola Energy’s watch. The reinvigorating drink gives Jonah Hill the energy to rally and Show Up, putting an end to the dreaded dots once and for all.

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