Coca-Cola: It’s Beautiful


During a time of divisive debate, an iconic brand reminds Americans of what they share.

ItsBeautiful 04
ItsBeautiful 10

Reinventing the iconic traditional anthem as a contemporary video that celebrated the multiculturalism of the country, Coca-Cola invited the public to partake in a passionate debate about what makes America beautiful.

ItsBeautiful 12

Set to the song “America the Beautiful” and sung in seven different languages, the film, which debuted during Super Bowl 2014, opens to expansive scenes from the Pacific shore to the desert Southwest, interspersed with everyday American neighborhoods, cityscapes and tucked-away cafes. Those scenes give way to a series of snapshots of people who represent the nation’s incredible diversity. Together they make up the fabric of American life.

ItsBeautiful 03

The film sparked a national debate about diversity in America and put the brand and the country’s core values of equality and unity front and center. Simply put, it became news.

The campaign garnered 200 million media impressions, including 1,400 print, broadcast, and online media stories, and racked up over 17 million views on YouTube.

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