Adweek's Creative 100 honors W+K ECDs and Rising Stars

June 7th 2020

This year, Adweek’s Creative 100 honored four of our very own——Jessica Ghersi and Kevin Kaminishi, creatives from W+K New York, as well as Vivian Yong and Ian Toombs, ECDs from W+K Shanghai.

While you can read all about these four in Adweek, we thought we’d give you the inside scoop, so you can really get to know these rising stars and amazing leaders.

jessica and kevin adweek

First up, Jessica and Kevin. They were part of Adweek’s 26 Rising Talents Helping Reshape the Agency Landscape. In Adweek, you can read about their Super Bowl double appearance and creative work from earlier this year. What you won’t get from Adweek? These hard hitting questions:

__Fave animal? __

Jessica: I can't pick a favorite animal because they are all amazing and unique and play an important role in the ecosystem of the world. but it's not the mosquito. ok fine it's the monkey.

Kevin: Obviously a baby seal. Have you guys seen a baby seal? It's basically a puppy that lives in the ocean.

Fave snack?

Jessica: The potato chip

Kevin: I want to say something healthy like kale chips, but I hate kale chips. So, maybe gummy bears? I love gummy things, especially sour gummy things.

Fave spot of the year(ish)?

Jessica: The progressive becoming your parents ads really crack me up which I think means i am becoming my parents.

Kevin: I love the Nike "Dream Crazier" spot for all of the most obvious reasons.

Ian and vivian adweek

Next up, Vivian and Ian. They were part of Adweek’s 11 Global Creative Leaders Shaping the World’s Most Inventive Marketing. Make sure to check out Adweek to hear their take on recent work and the challenges of marketing in China. But you won’t hear about their favorite animals, so here we go:

What’s your favorite animal?

Vivian: First off, mine is imaginary. I was meditating eight years ago and saw a rabbit with fluffy fur in psychedelic colors fly by. It drifted peacefully in front of me back and forth a few times then disappeared but gave me a mischievous smile before it did. It still visits me occasionally, making sure I am doing ok.

Ian: Cows are my spirit animal. They're calm and wise and I'm a little jumpy so we balance each other nicely. When I lock eyes with a cow chewing cud I can hear them thinking: "I'm good. You're good. We are good“. Then we move on, until we meet again.

What makes WKSH different from our other offices?

Vivian: The thrill of being an adolescent W+K office in the world's largest adolescent market! Creative growth potential is huge here because China is marching forward at ultra-high speed and there's no playbook. You might create Nike's first Chinese New Year film or have the chance to create the first sheep celebrity that showed up on live stream selling wool sweaters. Every day we're trying new things and we have no idea what will work and that's fucking exciting.

Ian: Our office is small and scrappy. When you join WKSH, you really get a chance to shape the work and culture with us. We’re around 100 people, which in my personal experience is the magic number for creativity and career growth. Also, we’re dedicated to our unique east-meets-west style of diversity that we call “Hot Pot Culture” which we believe brings out the best in everyone. PS—A “hot pot” is an Asian style of cooking where delicious ingredients are combined in a boiling pot and every unique addition makes the broth better

What is your favorite spot of the year?

Vivian: McDonald's Famous Orders. It is a super simple but utterly smart idea to use celebrities without outshining the main characters: THE FOOD. It triggers me to ponder my McDonald meal, which is by the way, dipping chicken McNuggets into my strawberry sundae. Immediately I have an image of my meal flashing in my mind, and I crave them horribly! What a powerful 30-sec psychological journey.

Ian: Samsung, Awesome is for Everyone. This film bear hugs it’s responsibility to sell phones in the most chest-thumping-fractal-spewing-meme-geyser way possible. The lyrics are direct and hypnotizing, and you find yourself singing along with the product features after watching it. I’m jealous of how freely it flows from visual to visual with such trippy rhythmic chaos. It’s like the internet swallowed you whole and barfed out a double rainbow. I love it.

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