ADMagic Welcomes Its Inaugural Class

February 22nd 2021

The ADMagic program, created by W+K's own Charity Pourhabib, is excited to welcome its inagural class for 2021. The 13 students join us from Hampton, Howard, and Lincoln University.

Tigist Ashaka - Hampton Univeristy

Lauren Bass - Hampton University

Taylor Davis - Lincoln University

Cinnaya Demby - Lincoln University

Charles Green - Lincoln University

Jordan Griffin - Lincoln University

Sydni Hatley - Hampton Univeristy

Z'Sakina Jackson - Lincoln University

Christian McRae-Montomery - Hampton University

Joann Njeri - Hampton University

Jamara Robinson - Howard University

Ausar Stephens - Lincoln University

Kira Washington - Lincoln University

ADMagic Student Announcement

The ADMagic Program was created to provide more access and exposure for HBCU students to the advertising industry. Exploring areas such as brand management, creative, strategy, design and more, the three-month program will give the students an in-depth look at the industry through mentorship, resources, and a real brief experience.

Watch this space and be sure to follow @admagic.hbcu to see more from the students as they embark on the ADMagic journey!

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