Women's World Cup 2023 Roundup

A look at our Women's World Cup work from around the network.

Women's World Cup 2023 Roundup

Budweiser: Greatness is Hers To Take

Last year, Leo Messi and Argentina took home the World Cup, the glory, and all of the Budweiser we couldn’t sell in Qatar. This year, Budweiser is giving away the same reward to the winning team of the Women’s World Cup. We created a second #BringHomeTheBud campaign that shows Messi passing the torch to the next winner of the World Cup (and a warehouse full of free Buds). With a record-breaking 32 teams, there’s more competition than ever. Who will #BringHomeTheBud?

ABI: More Cheers

Inspired by the global nature of the WWC and ABI brands, we sought to find a common experience despite all of our differences and we found a universal language in something so simple. Cheers-ing. No matter what happens, whether your team scored or whether your team missed that pivotal PK, you’ll always still find a reason to cheers with your friends. It might be a commiserating cheers or a celebratory one. It might be after a heated discussion about who is actually the GOAT. Or it might be after you proudly announcing that that’s your daughter out there. No matter what - ABI will be part of the moment, because the moment - no matter what it is - will always bring us together for a cheers.

McDonald's: Gooooo Time

For the 2022 World Cup, McDonald’s introduced the unifying insight that, win or lose, and no matter who you’re supporting, there’s one question we all ask each other after the game: “Wanna go to McDonald’s?” And, with the 2023 Women’s World Cup creating pretty wack schedules around the globe (shout out to host countries Australia/New Zealand), we saw the perfect opportunity to explore some other questions: like, if your team wins a match at 8am, is it too early to get a celebratory McFlurry? And, how many McNuggets qualify as a midnight snack versus a midnight meal? Whether you’re waking up for a match at 3am, or staying up for one at 11pm, wanna gooooo to McDonalds?

Nike: Women's World Cup

Women’s Football has never had more attention. Every day there’s a new headline, opinion piece, interview, documentary, viral post, or glossy brand campaign. It’s a world yesteryear’s players could have only dreamed of. It would be easy to be fooled by all the hype. But Nike recognised a fatal flaw. One that would prevent the game from ever growing to its full potential: when the world talks about women’s football, they talk about everything but the game.

Take Megan Rapinoe, the most famous women’s player on the planet: most people can’t even tell you what position she plays. Because when women footballers do make the headlines, it isn’t for their athleticism or skill. It’s for their activism or empowerment. Nike wanted to make sure that after this World Cup, every one of its players was famous for their game.

To do that, we made anthemic spots highlighting each of Nike’s core athletes and what they bring to the game. The films were created to mimic each athlete’s personality and style of play, resulting in genres ranging from an 80's cartoon, perfume ad spoof, horror film, and even a throwback to the old Joga Bonito Nike campaign. To tie them all together, we created an anthem that shows people how Women’s Football is the most exciting sport on the planet.

Nike: Sam Kerr

Nike: Alex Morgan

Nike: Debinha


Nike: Megan Rapinoe

Nike: Sophia Smith

Nike: Ada Hegerberg

Nike: Joga Pra Sempre

Nike: Like A Lionness

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