Visa: For Every Traveler

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Turning the spotlight from places to people to make traveling simpler

As people pour through arrival gates all around the world, weighed-down with bags, traveling light, preparing for the holiday of a lifetime at any cost, or already plotting the cheapest way to exit the airport; we are reminded that there is no one way to travel. However, to alleviate this stress, Visa aims to be an always-present travel partner that gives you peace of mind. Worrying about carrying cash in a foreign land? All you need is a Visa card or even just a phone. How about safety & hygiene issues? There’s Visa contactless. No time to exchange the money before the trip? Visa will take care of it for you. So while others focus on points, miles and perks, Visa aims to lighten the load and help you travel lighter, smarter and freer.

Visa XB - OOH Big Shakes
Visa XB - OOH Hammock
Visa XB - OOH Retreat
Visa XB - OOH Selfie
Visa XV - OOH Mr Holiday

This global campaign brings those travelers to life across a raft of out-of-home placements, digital and social films proving that, no matter who you are, how you travel, where you’re going or what you plan to do on your trip, Visa is ‘For Every Traveler’.

Taking this human approach to connect Visa with its customers allowed us to land these traveler-types and imbue them with personality and character resulting in a global campaign with something to engage every market.

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