Samsung: Holiday opens up with Galaxy


There’s a Galaxy device that dreams about YOU

The ‘Holiday opens up with Galaxy’ campaign kicked off the holiday season with a love ballad dedicated to humans. Coming from a fast beating chipset of a lavender Z Flip3 phone, the song inspires the whole Galaxy ecosystem to come to life and celebrate love between the device and the amazing human it wishes to be with this Christmas.

The hero film ‘You Are The Gift’ is emotional and dramatic, just like teenage love. It’s a heart-warming cyber rom-com, that makes you sing along to the iconic love banger by The Backstreet Boys “I want it that way” and wonder if somewhere in a Samsung store there’s a Galaxy device that dreams about YOU, waiting to be made complete, filled by your experiences, passions and unique personality to bring them to life. The entire campaign aims to celebrate this magical truth and make people feel that when they’re gifting Galaxy devices, they’re really playing matchmaker.

The campaign included a bundle of cinematic films where connection is key with both the device and its humans. The 60-second online film also ran as a 30-second TVC spot, and four 15-second online films supported these by showcasing some of Galaxy’s favorite devices and highlighting their unique connectivity.

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