LAVA x Necessary Explosion


Pairing music with AR to produce immersive experiences and create "music you can see".

The app sees the 11 tracks of SOS, the debut album from Amsterdam-based artist, Necessary Explosion, visualized into unique AR sculptures that spin atop the vinyl SOS record on a turntable. Audio fingerprinting technology triggers the AR content specifically designed for each track, which users can access through the iOS app on mobile or tablet. Users can further engage with the sculptures by moving around them, as the proximity-based animations react when you move closer or further away.


"Necessary Explosion" is the first iteration of LAVA–our new creative platform focused on pairing music with augmented reality to produce immersive experiences, evolving the way we listen and creating ‘music you can see’.

The app is intended to be experienced with the SOS vinyl LP (available at CDBaby), however can also be used without the record. Listeners can experience it now via the Apple app store.

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