Duolingo: New Year’s Language Resolutions


Level up your language learning

Our New Year’s 2022 creative platform for the world’s #1 language learning app encapsulates a message on convenience, as well as highlighting the new and effective UI features that can help you reach your goals. The objective of the campaign was to encourage would-be language learners across Brazil, Mexico, UK, US and Germany to download Duolingo and (re)start learning and keep their new year’s language resolutions.

We worked with Le Cube to bring the campaign to life with animations, and to show how easy and convenient leveling up your language goals can be with Duolingo’s features.It doesn't matter if you want to change your life, or pick up a few phrases to sing along to your favorite song, Duolingo has the tools to make your goal real, so you can make progress to your language goal wherever you are, however much time you have.

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