Corona: Oceans Week


Hijacking paradise to bring attention to marine plastic pollution.

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Just in time for summer, we subverted that classic symbol of paradise, the Hawaiian shirt. Called The Paradise? Shirt, it’s designed by Adolfo Correa to mimic the true state of paradise with a pattern that looks idyllic from a distance, but on closer inspection reveals plastic waste everywhere.

Supported by global ambassador, Chris Hemsworth, and made with the help of Parley from the very stuff it depicts – plastic from the ocean; the limited-edition shirt shows the world paradise is in danger while doing something about it.

The hijack continued online and in OOH, where we swapped familiar images of paradise for beaches blighted by plastic pollution and Corona’s global tagline ‘This is Living’ became ‘This is Living?’. While special billboard activations in London, Australia, Dominican Republic and Colombia, showcased an enormous waves of actual plastic waste.

To kick off the campaign, the major World Surfing League event, Bali PRO was renamed Corona Bali PROtected and a series of talks and beach cleanups organized. Bali is one of the 100 islands Corona and Parley are committed to protecting by 2020.

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