W+K Pride Realness

June 1st 2021

W+K Pride is an inclusive group of LGBTQIA+ members and their allies who work to benefit W+K employees, the Portland creative industry, and the region at large. Pride is more than a fabulous annual party; it’s intrinsic to our family and our mission. We show pride for ourselves and our community both internally and externally—as a safe space for queers within W+K’s walls and through outreach with nonprofits and community organizations outside of W+K. We promote equity and positive representation in advertising while fostering a nurturing environment where people can show up as their full selves. We also have a lot of fun :wink: We’re a colorful quilt of love, support, activism, celebration, and lewks. In honor of Pride Month, W+K's LGBTQIA+ affinity group is taking over with all the colors of the rainbow.

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