Cannes Academy: Izadora & Breno

+SPMay 18th 2022

Congratulations to our creatives Breno Chiavelli and Izadora Petrovcic for being selected to The Creative Academy, a certificate program designed for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to catapult young talents to the next level of their careers! We are very proud to have 2 delegates among 30 creatives who will learn first-hand from the world’s greatest creative minds and industry leaders.

In which office do you work?

B & I: We work at the São Paulo office.

How long have you been working at W+K, and where were you before?

B: I've been working at Wieden+Kennedy for two years and eight months. Before that, I was an art assistant at Africa/DDB and also worked as an intern in some Brazilian agencies.

I: I've been working here for a little more than a year. Before that, I was working at an agency from WPP Group called I also had a small natural cosmetics business.

Did you always want to work in advertising? How did you end up here?

B: Yes, but not in the creative department. My father used to work in advertising but on the client side for some car brands in Brazil, and I've always thought that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. But when I entered the university, I started to do some creative work in classes and found myself in creativity.

I: In a certain way, I knew my profession would be related to art. When I was little, my hobby was to draw and play with Photoshop. I guess having a copywriter cousin inspired me to follow the creative path, but as an art director.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

B: The ability to not take myself too seriously.

I: I love the fact that I can work with different brands, because each one has its own characteristics and I can exercise my creativity from different angles. This dynamism excites me.

In which client projects have you worked recently?

B: I've been working for some Coca-Cola brands, such as Fanta and Sprite. Now I'm working on a project for a Brazilian NGO responsible for the Yanomami people in Brazil, and some other projects for Old Spice Brazil.

I: At the end of 2021, my dream of doing a Nike project came true. Recently, I've been working on a really cool project for Sprite that will be released soon.

What was your first thought when Cannes told you had been selected?

B & I: We got the confirmation almost simultaneously. We were so shocked that we thought the email was one of those scam emails. Then, we entered a Zoom meeting and realized that it was actually real. Everything feels so surreal because we have never been to Europe before, so we're very excited.

What do you expect to learn in Cannes?

B: I think I'm most excited to learn about creativity from different perspectives outside of advertising, since the class is full of creatives from other areas, like artists, actors, directors and journalists.

I: Breno just literally wrote what I was thinking. So, I'm going to retweet his answer.


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