Ni Skate Film
June 01, 2010
We set off on a 20-day, cross-country adventure with the first-ever Converse China skate team to discover new skate spots and communities. The story that unfolded speaks to passionate Chinese youth and empowers young skaters to take responsibility for their own scenes.
Your Game Is Your Voice
April 01, 2010
The Guangzhou Asian Games were a perfect time and place to celebrate sport in China. Nike wasn’t an official sponsor of the Games, but we still had to find an innovative way to make a big statement in ...
GS Polo
April 01, 2010
To launch the GS Polo, we created a football match to excite the senses. Using interactive audio and video motion detectors and projectors; the influencer players became artists creating with sport.
March 01, 2010
Showing creativity in a way that is accessible and within reach, we featured three artists from the region, who take everyday objects and turn them into interesting works of art. "NI ZHI ZAO" ...
February 01, 2010
Since the original in 1972, the Nike CORTEZ has gone through many transformations of color and style. To bring this evolution to life we created a time lapse video celebrating the many faces of the shoe ...
CNY Rabbit
February 01, 2010
To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, we developed a motion-gesture installation that cheered up our neighborhood. By standing in front of the screen your silhouette is transformed into one of the rabbit ...
Love Noise
December 01, 2009
Converse is a brand that celebrates true originals. Throughout its history it has enjoyed a strong connection with independent music. Our starting point for Converse in China was to create an authentic ...
Shanghai Watch Co.
Shanghai Watch
November 01, 2009
Back in the day, if you checked the wrists of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai, they would have sported a Shanghai watch. In a joint collaboration with Shanghai design collective Jellymon, we ...
Love Sport
August 01, 2009
China won over 100 medals at the Beijing Games, but the most anticipated event was the 110-meter hurdle. When Olympic legend Liu Xiang had to withdraw from the race the Bird’s Nest froze in disbelief. ...
Take Sport Further
October 01, 2008
Following a hugely successful 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nike challenged youth to step into the unknown and adopt a new attitude: to see how far they can take sport. The message was delivered through Print/OOH, ...