Mr. Milkman
October 25, 2016
Go to the pure and amazing Alpine world, to experience and live the Milka world on your own as only virtual reality can show you.
Just Do It 2016
August 22, 2016
We never said what to do. All we said was, “JUST DO IT."
Maxwell House
Good Coffee Can Be Simple
June 01, 2016
Good coffee can be simple, even in the face of Mr. Latte.
Don't Love Me. Hate Me.
April 06, 2016
Kobe devoted his time, passion and wisdom in Chinese ballers through his trips to China. For Chinese basketball kids, Kobe is not just a basketball super star, but more like a powerful and beloved mentor.
The Epic Step
March 22, 2016
W+K Shanghai called in a group of runners from the Nike+ Run Club and shot them running down the designed route in Chongming Island at night. The runners started from various directions and were equipped ...
November 08, 2015
Shanghai is definitely not the easiest place to run in. The streets are filled with obstacles like pedestrians, hawkers, tourists, scooters and taxis. But rain or shine, streets filled with obstacles, ...
Jordan Brand
The Winning Moment
October 13, 2015
This is no ordinary basketball commercial. It doesn’t celebrate that you won the game or ended on a classic dunk. It celebrates what you did to get there, and it all began before you stepped on the court. ...
Tiffany & Co.
Unlock the Possibilities 2015
October 12, 2015
Chinese women are hesitant to unlock their own possibilities, even though it has never been a more a more exciting time for a Chinese woman that she has never had more opportunities to make a difference ...
Better For It China
July 13, 2015
Sport is tough on you, especially when you’re a Chinese woman starting out. The fear of failure, losing face or being laughed at are just some of the social obstacles that women in China face. Taking ...
Tiffany & Co.
Will You?
June 15, 2015
Tiffany believes marriage is a dream that will not only sparkle for a day, but will unfold for a lifetime. It is a journey both husband and wife will take on together. Marriage is the perfect beginning ...