Tiffany & Co.
Unlock The Possibilities
July 07, 2014
Tiffany Keys partnered with famous Chinese portrait artist Yu Hong, who is known for her interpretations of the modern women. The films document Yu Hong painting portraits of Li Na, Zhang Ziyi and Li Yuchun, who represent the new generation of China, sharing their personal moments when they realized their inner strength and unlocked the possibilities they see in the world.
Let The Run Tell You Why
November 22, 2013
Speaking directly to the booming running population in Greater China, we ask the question- why do people run? Take a glimpse in to the lives of several runners, including Mr. Sun, 74, who has been running ...
Built Free
October 27, 2013
Throw yourself at the world, headfirst. Again. And find the tools to satisfy your curiosities.
Levi's Revel: Let Your Body Do The Talking
September 18, 2013
When you're confident in how you look, your body language naturally sends a bold, expressive message. Levi’s® Revel Jeans is inspired by a woman’s desire for comfortable jeans that enhance her shape ...
Free Flyknit
August 05, 2013
The ultimate achievement in knitting technology deserves an extraordinary introduction. The Nike Free Flyknit combines the second-skin fit of Flyknit construction and ultimate flexibility of Nike Free. ...
Give Me The Ball
April 15, 2013
“Give Me the Ball” seeks to motivate young Chinese players to dream big, speak up, take charge and make their own mark with just a basketball in their hands. “Don’t give me fame, I’ll earn ...
La Vita E Bella
February 20, 2013
At the end of the day, China and Italy aren't that far apart culturally. Both share distinguished cultures and a passion for life. But in recent times, China has been moving forward so fast that it's losing ...
Be Amazing
February 29, 2012
Nike wanted to inspire more Chinese girls to participate in sport, so we launched a campaign throughout China on Women's Day (March, 8) to show girls how amazing they could become through sport.
Change The Game
November 02, 2011
Converse has a rich heritage of being worn by rebellious pioneers who do things in their own way and Change the Game. We found and documented today's authentic pioneers in the worlds of skate, basketball, ...
Use Sports
September 01, 2011
Kids in Greater China are doing less and less sports because they don't see any value in it. "Use Sports" is a fresh perspective on sports and an honest, direct message about why sports matter. ...