São Paulo
Comedy Central
January 07, 2013
The concept “Comedy Continent” expresses Latin American’s natural comedic talent to make fun of themselves. The film satirizes the Canadian hawks migration seeking the Latin American warm weather, showing their sudden behavior changes due to distractions they find when they get there.
Night Graffiti
December 05, 2012
Smirnoff and W+K Sao Paulo light up the night with colorful and bright graffiti by Grupo Acidum that could be seen only at night. The art was made with a special paint that only appeared with black lights, ...
December 01, 2012
Greatness isn’t decided by fate. It’s decided by the amount of effort we put into finding it. Pro or everyday athletes have one thing in common: they all have to go out there and put a lot of hard ...
Comedy Central
September 06, 2012
Between 1pm and 3pm in the afternoon, there are more people taking siestas than there are people working in Latin America. Every year this phenomenon reaches its peak with the Siesta World Cup.
A Roof For My Country
January 18, 2012
Levi's partnered with non-government organization "A Roof For My Country", to build four houses in one of Sao Paulo's poorest districts. In exchange, the first forty pioneers that joined received ...
Marie Claire
That is Me
August 31, 2011
Marie Claire, known for it's courageous points of view, celebrates it's 20th anniversary of the publication in Brazil in 2011. Instead of making a campaign about itself, we created a homage to the feminine ...
August 23, 2011
The Levi’s brand introduced the first global creative platform and global marketing campaign in the brand’s 138-year history. “Go Forth,” a rally cry to create positive change in the world, taps ...