Grand Cherokee
September 11, 2010
In a class of vehicles populated mostly by mall-crawlers and faux-by-fours, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee separates itself by combining the craftsmanship you expect from a Grand Cherokee with the Trail Rated off-road capability you expect from a Jeep.
Old Spice
September 08, 2010
To support Old Spice’s partnership with the NFL, we feature Ray Lewis demonstrating what men are capable of achieving when they use Old Spice body wash and deodorant. Sure, Old Spice can make men a dominant ...
Tent Event
August 18, 2010
After getting into some hot water for the original Dodge Tent Event commercial, W+K got creative to appease all parties involved.
Curve ID
August 11, 2010
All asses were not created equal. The new Levi’s® Curve ID campaign is a rallying cry to women everywhere that hotness really does come in all shapes and sizes. The new custom fits from Levi’s® are ...
Old Spice
Digital Response
July 14, 2010
To build on the success of the Man Your Man Could Smell like buzz and online conversation, Wieden+Kennedy and Old Spice took a fresh approach to online brand engagement with a unique interactive strategy. ...
July 08, 2010
“Engine” is a Nike film about Livestrong. The film finds Lance Armstrong climbing a mountain on a training ride. Around him, fueling him, are a peloton of voices. These voices are the words of people ...
Electronic Arts
Balls to the Brits/Balls to the Yanks
July 07, 2010
Electronic Arts gave U.S. and England soccer fans a chance to take a shot at each other while promoting The 2010 FIFA World Cup video game at the same time. Leading up to the teams’ epic World Cup clash ...
Old Spice
July 02, 2010
Anything is possible when you smell like an Old Spice man and our hero, Isaiah Mustafa, is back to illustrate just a few of the amazing things that an Old Spice man can do. The latest effort is a fully ...
Ready to Work
June 28, 2010
Levi’s Go Forth ‘Ready to Work,’ a new integrated campaign including TV, print, OOH, a film series and more, is launching this month supporting the Levi’s Work Wear Collection. With the goal ...
Secret Formula
June 17, 2010
Coca-Cola launched a new campaign designed to reignite teen passion for Coke. The centerpiece of the campaign is the keyhole bottle icon which is symbolic of Coca-Cola’s mysterious secret formula and ...