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January 01, 2011
New year, new babies, new campaign. On New Year's Day, Target Baby began welcoming new babies into the world with live birth announcements on a 40-foot high refrigerator magnet installation in Los Angeles, dubbed the “Big Baby Billboard.” Users could enter a new baby’s name and birth details via a Target Baby Facebook app to create a keepsake digital announcement. A number of the users were also ...
Holiday 2010
November 29, 2010
The Holiday campaign features classic holiday moments, from buying your first tiny tree to finding the perfect hiding place for a special present, all set to an original score of modern Christmas-themed ...
2-Day Sale
November 17, 2010
The “2-Day Sale” campaign features comedian Maria Bamford, illustrating the excitement and passion through one woman’s eyes for the annual Target holiday sale. The Target 2-Day Sale is not for wimps. ...
October 27, 2010
Featuring reigning two-time NBA MVP, this spot was created to give LeBron a voice to address his off-season controversy head-on, so he can move forward and focus on the road ahead. This isn’t about what ...
October 07, 2010
W+K12 is an experimental advertising agency masquerading as an experimental advertising school. It is a yearlong freefall into the world of real advertising with real clients, real work, real ups, real ...
September 28, 2010
“Boom” celebrates the epic, game-changing moments in sport. Moments that are so over the top that all we can say is “Boom.” You’ve probably heard it before and even used it yourself. The word ...
Life's A Moving Target
September 18, 2010
On the surface, Target sells lots of “things.” But dig a bit deeper and you quickly realize these things each have a specific role in the lives of the people who buy them. This campaign is an attempt ...
Grand Cherokee
September 11, 2010
In a class of vehicles populated mostly by mall-crawlers and faux-by-fours, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee separates itself by combining the craftsmanship you expect from a Grand Cherokee with the Trail ...
Old Spice
September 08, 2010
To support Old Spice’s partnership with the NFL, we feature Ray Lewis demonstrating what men are capable of achieving when they use Old Spice body wash and deodorant. Sure, Old Spice can make men a dominant ...
Tent Event
August 18, 2010
After getting into some hot water for the original Dodge Tent Event commercial, W+K got creative to appease all parties involved.