January 14, 2012
You’re at the top. But the KobeSystem is here to take you over the top. As a life coach, Kobe is making his winning, results-oriented program available only to those truly successful people thirsting for more success.
Pressure is Power
December 21, 2011
In this spot we see the visual manifestation of pressure on Canadian Juniors. As the players progress down the tunnel to the rink, the tunnel walls literally close in on them until they can barely move. ...
Old Spice
December 21, 2011
Just in time for the hoildays, the Old Spice Guy set out to gift every single person in the world. All seven billion of them. Sometimes they were small, personalized presents to an individual, like an ...
December 10, 2011
The majority of Americans are driving the wrong car. One that doesn't fit their lives, or their needs. So they end up having to do things like mount a cargo bin to the roof just to take a weekend trip ...
Winter's Angry. Fight Back
December 09, 2011
This online game creates a unique opportunity for consumers to see and experience the new Nike cold weather product and reach consumers where they live – in the 24/7 digital world. Participants face ...
Holiday 2011
December 01, 2011
Santa doesn’t take care of Christmas on his own. He has tricks up his red sleeves, dozens of little helpers in the form of elves to help him get the job done. But what if you aren’t magic like Santa? ...
Life's A Moving Target
December 01, 2011
On the surface, Target sells lots of “things.” But dig a bit deeper and you quickly realize these things each have a specific role in the lives of the people who buy them. This campaign is an attempt ...
2-Day Sale 2011
December 01, 2011
Remember Target’s crazy Christmas lady? The aisle-sprinting, card-caroling blonde who looks suspiciously like comedian Maria Bamford? Well, she’s back. And she’s gone digital. After a two-week summer ...
See It Through
November 22, 2011
The spot features Chrysler’s flagship 300 vehicle, local Detroiters who call the city and its surrounding suburbs home – including Detroit Lion’s Ndamukong Suh – and a poem written in 1917 by ...
Basketball Never Stops
November 02, 2011
Nike Basketball celebrates a player’s true love of the game and the desire to play no matter the time or the place. "Spotlight" pays tribute to basketball hot spots around the world, including ...