How To Change Buying Cars Forever
January 17, 2013
Brides and grooms have been doing it for years. Now it's easier than ever for new car buyers too. Introducing the "Dodge Dart Registry," an online program that provides a creative way to raise money toward the purchase of a new Dodge Dart by mobilizing friends and family to help anyone make their new car dreams come true.
Vapor Trail
January 17, 2013
There is something moving insanely fast out on the pitch. It’s creating a legendary trail of carnage in its wake. It’s pulling up the grass, lifting defenders into the air and taking the stadium with ...
Nike Golf
No Cup Is Safe
January 15, 2013
As Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy try to one-up each other at the driving range, the competition spills off the golf course and into your drink. No cup is safe.
KD Is Not Nice
December 17, 2012
Everyone agrees that Kevin Durant is the nicest guy in the NBA. But while Kevin Durant the man is remarkably humble, quiet and likable, his on-court performances are merciless, astonishing and utterly ...
Old Spice
Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks To Save The World
November 21, 2012
Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World is Old Spice's answer to those cocky Mayan calendar makers who may have predicted the world would end in a few weeks, but didn't predict Old Spice would ...
Special Olympics Oregon
October 30, 2012
For 40 years, Special Olympics Oregon has given athletes confidence, strength, independence, and hope. Accompanied by the song "Thriftshop" by Pacific Northwest- born Macklemore, the games aren't ...
October 26, 2012
Don't let a little cold stop you. Nike's Hyperwarm collection has got you covered from the inside out so can keep training and keep winning. A workout in the frigid, frosty cold? It's all in a day's work ...
Intelligence Gathered
October 18, 2012
This campaign leverages the James Bond franchise and upcoming blockbuster Skyfall to highlight a collection of Sony electronics and how they work together.
October 15, 2012
In a series of life's moments, our hands show us all that we've been practicing for.
The Things That Connect Us
October 04, 2012
Facebook’s first commercial ever honors the everyday things that people use to get together and connect – things like chairs, doorbells, bridges, airplanes and Facebook.