March 05, 2018
In the spot, we see the adorable ball as it bounces through a typical day. Set to an upbeat surfer-chick rock song, the ball takes off and doesn’t stop, commuting on mass transit, in and out of buildings, stopping for coffee and even logging a few miles (or possibly yards) at the gym at night. It’s all in a day’s roll.
Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences
Overlook Hotel
March 04, 2018
We worked with the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences to create its first commercial campaign promoting the highly anticipated Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Part of the campaign was a thirty-second ...
JDI Canada
December 26, 2017
During the 2018 World Juniors, Nike let everyone know that Canadians aren’t as cordial as you think with a breakthrough campaign called “Play Less Nice.” Every day of the hockey tournament, a new ...
Value Colonel
December 20, 2017
For the first time since launching its rotating Colonel campaign, Kentucky Fried Chicken has tapped an unknown actor, Christopher Boyer, to play the role of Value Colonel. By not spending money on some ...
World's Smallest KFC
December 14, 2017
Tiny mashed potatoes, tiny fried chicken, tiny biscuit, tiny cookie, tiny Dr Pepper, tiny spork, tiny booth, tiny trashcan, tiny cash register, tiny floor mat. These are just a few of the tiny things inside ...
Growing Up
November 06, 2017
At some point, we all grow up.
Procter & Gamble
Love Over Bias
November 01, 2017
In times when bias threatens our potential to love and encourage one another, we're reminded that there is no love more unconditional than a mother’s. She sees the best in her kids and will stand against ...
Portugal. The Man
Live in the Moment
November 01, 2017
Cat. Mouse. Skateboarding. Lawbreaking. Segwaying. Two giant puppets. One giant moustache. It's Woeden+Kennedy's third music video for Portugal. The Man. - one of the hottest bands in the world.
September 23, 2017
Colonel Sanders saw virtual-reality technology and immediately knew that the height of this technology was to create a training experience for KFC cooks. And the best way to make a VR training experience ...
GPS Cassette Tapes
September 21, 2017
KFC is proud to present the GPS Cassette Tape. This exciting technological innovation from Colonel Sanders is exactly what it sounds like: GPS directions on a cassette tape. Several lucky Instagrammers ...