New York
Southern Comfort
June 09, 2013
He may not be your typical salon go-er, but he doesn't care, because he's comfortable with it. The "Whatever's Comfortable" campaign champions the attitude it takes to be yourself, and celebrates those people who captivate us because of it.
Hot Dog Kayak
May 06, 2013
Every San Francisco Giants home game brings countless kayakers to the cold waters of McCovey Cove outside of AT&T Park, where they float waiting for the unlikely chance of grabbing a home run ball. ...
The Flow Chart
April 27, 2013
The ESPN Flow Chart celebrates the hair that hangs below the helmet of a lacrosse player, or, what players fondly refer to as "Flow." The website is part of the It's Not Crazy, It's Sports campaign, ...
Horizontal Stripes
April 14, 2013
CC Sabathia and Steve Levy react to Scott Van Pelt's fashion statement
Déjà Vu
March 08, 2013
What if the feeling of déjà vu wasn't just a feeling? In this Rupert Sanders directed spot, created as part of the campaign launching Heineken's redesigned "Star Bottle" in the US, we follow ...
Delta Air Lines
Thank You
March 04, 2013
No one in the history of aviation ever moved forward by clinging to the past. That simple truth is what drives Delta to continue making the boldest, most innovative moves in the industry.
Swedish Chef
January 19, 2013
The SportsCenter cafeteria has a new chef and Henrik Lundqvist is the only person that can understand him.
Southern Comfort
Comfortable Weather Guy
January 15, 2013
Introducing a new way to get your weather, see your favorite speedo wearing Southern Comfort drinking man, doing his thing in the rain, snow, wind and of course, the sun on ...
Jordan Brand
The City That Made Me
January 09, 2013
To celebrate the launch of Carmelo Anthony's sneaker, the Melo M9, the campaign showcases Melo's passion for playing in the city he loves as a native New Yorker from Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Hockey Is Ours
January 01, 2013
You can't take hockey away. Not from Canada. Steven Stamkos, P.K. Subban, Tessa Bonhomme and Mark Scheifele know this is our calling.