New York
Delta Air Lines
Keep Climbing
September 12, 2012
Delta’s brand campaign, “Keep Climbing” is a declaration of the company’s commitment to making flying better, a celebration of where the brand is and where it is heading.
This Is SportsCenter — John Clayton
September 06, 2012
After years of speculation, we finally put the Internet rumors to rest and show what really happens when NFL expert John Clayton finishes his segments during ESPN studio shows.
It's Good To Be The Commissioner
August 24, 2012
Being the commissioner might feel like a thankless job, but we're changing its reputation from one of sheer dread to unbridled anticipation. This integrated campaign shows commissioners wielding their ...
Jordan Brand
This Is Where It Starts
August 20, 2012
Inspired by the players of today, a global rivalry unfolds for two players determined to take flight and #riseabove the competition.
Southern Comfort
Whatever's Comfortable
August 01, 2012
The "Whatever's Comfortable" campaign, much like the Southern Comfort brand, was created to celebrate and inspire the awesome attitude of people who are completely comfortable with themselves.
Team Spirit
August 01, 2012
People say when you’re a fan, you’re a fan for life. But that may be a little short sighted. This eight-minute documentary film, part of ESPN's It's Not Crazy, It's Sports campaign, directed by Academy ...
NASCAR Nothing Beats First Place
July 11, 2012
Featuring NASCAR drivers Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards, ESPN's "Nothing Beats First Place" campaign promotes ESPN's coverage of the final 17 NASCAR Sprint Cup races of the ...
X Games Los Angeles
June 26, 2012
Every summer, the world’s best action athletes invade the city of Los Angeles. They storm the streets and take over the venues as they set new records and battle it out for gold. In this summer’s X ...
May 22, 2012
Years of enduring a wife's reign of watching painting shows on TV finally comes to an end as our guy can watch ESPN on his laptop with WatchESPN. His wife gets to keep painting. He gets to keep watching ...
The Name
April 17, 2012
Meet Michael Jordan, an ordinary man, saddled with a legendary name.