New York
Nature City
February 15, 2012
Wieden+Kennedy New York collaborated with architects from WORKac to create an installation for a featured exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream is an exploration of new architectural possibilities for cities and suburbs in the aftermath of the recent foreclosure crisis. Five teams were challenged by MoMA to envision new housing and transportation ...
Color Changes Everything
February 14, 2012
Whether it’s the spring bloom or a suburban living room, the addition of a little color can transform everything around it. Director Fillip Engstrom follows a colorful, energetic, and sprightly group ...
Jordan Brand
Quick Controls Chaos
February 07, 2012
To launch Chris Paul's CP3.V shoe, the Jordan brand "Quick Controls Chaos" campaign tells the story of how Chris's quickness causes chaos both on and off the basketball court. Through an interactive ...
January 20, 2012
Alone in Jason’s studio, we are introduced to Milu, Jason’s inspiration for the Jason Wu for Target collection. Milu is the embodiment of his creative spirit, adding a signature detail to each piece ...
Delta Air Lines
A Day In The Life Of A Bag
January 18, 2012
Where does your baggage go after it gets checked in? A bag rigged with six cameras traveled from Atlanta to New York, resulting in this exclusive behind-the scenes look at some of the people, places and ...
Shake On It
January 04, 2012
The gentlemen’s bet: It’s better than regular betting, because you stand to lose so much more than money. You lose dignity, pride and maybe a little hair. And these fates are all sealed the same way: ...
December 07, 2011
The Heineken BeerTender lets you have the premium experience of pouring fresh Heineken draught beer at home. It’s probably the greatest gift in the world. Secretly, you'd love to buy one for yourself, ...
This Is Sports Center - Vending Machine
December 07, 2011
Like any place with tight deadlines, SportsCenter employees have to settle for a meal out of the vending machine from time to time. But unlike other offices, sometimes making a selection can be a little ...
Jordan Brand
December 06, 2011
There are certain moments in a basketball game where players can use their incredible athleticism and determination to change the momentum. In "Airborne" Dwyane Wade summons the internal strength ...
Towel Around The World
November 11, 2011
It’s not weird that a small towel probably has more frequent flyer miles than you do – it makes sense. Because Pittsburgh Steelers fans have long documented the craziest, farthest reaches they travel ...