Arla Foods
Milk Me Brian
August 05, 2011
The spot brings to life the fantasies of a man at his breakfast-table, wondering who first thought to milk a cow and how it was done. The film dramatizes Cravendale’s superior taste and quality in a familiarly light-hearted way.
Arla Foods
Cats with Thumbs
February 28, 2011
Cravendale is passionate about milk. This lighthearted campaign shows Cravendale’s superior taste and quality through a gang of polydactyl cats preparing to get to the Cravendale milk they love.
Nokia N8 ”Blackpool”
February 28, 2011
In this Nokia N8 spot we join Gary Waite, who is not only a great photographer but also blind, on a trip to Blackpool, showcasing a handful of his shots. Guided by sounds alone, the images Gary creates ...
This Unpredictable Life
February 02, 2011
"This Unpredictable Life" glorifies the epic challenge of trying to engineer a car that predicts everything life will throw at you. It’s a reflection of the wonderful and unpredictable journey ...
Arla Foods
Kitchen Odyssey
January 07, 2011
Continuing to reinforce the Lurpak’s position as the natural choice to enhance good food, this "Kitchen Odyssey" campaign encourages consumers to reappraise their food decisions at times of ...
Guardian Newspapers
Film Season
October 06, 2010
The Guardian and Observer Film Season invites you to get inside film with a month of activity celebrating all things cinematic. The campaign, designed to drive people to pick up the paper, take part ...
October 06, 2010
Shot entirely on the new Nokia N8, the ‘Dot’ film showcases the smartphone’s 12-megapixel photography capabilities and also celebrates the CellScope, an invention created by Professor Daniel Fletcher. ...
August 24, 2010
W+K London launched the new Ovi campaign for Nokia promoting the wonderful world of apps, games and music Nokia has to offer on Ovi store. The spot will run in the UK for 3 weeks before being launched ...
I Am The Rules
August 23, 2010
Nike and Foot Locker unveiled a new campaign “I Am The Rules” supporting the launch of the new Air Max 90—styled exclusively for Foot Locker. The spot features a range of athletes, designers, DJ’s ...
June 11, 2010
“RGB” is shot from the viewpoint of someone traveling through a city inside the new Honda CR-Z. Inspired by the look and feel of the car itself, the focus of the spot is on the feeling of the drive ...