IndiGo Air
On Time
May 08, 2010
IndiGo is a low-cost airline that believes in being affordable, not cheap. Just because people want to save some money doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. Respect in the form of service, good design, quality of food, packaging and most importantly time. The airline consistently delivers the best on-time performance in the country, and this spot showcases that in a light-hearted manner.
eBay India
The eBay Way
March 04, 2010
The eBay campaign is a parody of the state-run TV channels of the 80s and features two popular news presenters from the time – only this time, instead of reporting the statistical rise of agricultural ...
IndiGo Air
New Menu
November 01, 2009
For its new menu, IndiGo decided to sell together small portions of three different sandwiches in two variants - vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The packaging we designed is a triangular box that can be ...
India Tourism
LA Campaign
October 15, 2009
For Incredible India's campaign in LA, we used the names of famous Hollywood movies as headlines and set them against images from India. 
A simple tongue-in-cheek approach appropriate for a town that ...
IndiGo Air
IndiGo Packaging
April 01, 2009
Our creative duties on IndiGo extend beyond just advertising. And sometimes this entails designing food packaging. Since we don’t have an on-board magazine yet, all IndiGo packaging is designed to be ...
IndiGo Air
IndiGo Air
January 01, 2009
IndiGo Airlines is based on a "no-frills chic" philosophy. A philosophy that says a cheap fare shouldn’t translate into a mediocre flying experience. Even before the airline was launched, our ...
India Tourism
India Tourism 2008
June 01, 2008
The 2008 India Tourism campaign is based on experiences of people who came to India as tourists and stayed back to make India their home. It takes a special bond with the country and its people to give ...