Live What You Love
March 08, 2018
Highlighting many layers and richness of people pursing their passions all over India, Live What You Love brings to life people who are passionate, optimistic, constantly looking for more ways to be better at their individual interest areas and those who want to be more. Four 60-second films celebrate normal, complex, individual people doing extraordinary things that you wouldn’t normally associate ...
The Glenlivet
The Whisky
September 25, 2017
To establish the new brand platform for The Glenlivet, we created ‘THE Whisky’, an integrated global campaign which takes a deep dive into those experiences, moments and things that can only be described ...
This Is Us
March 07, 2017
While women around the world often feel constrained by traditional gender roles, athletes in Turkey are committed to pursuing their love for sport and fitness while staying true to themselves. Our ...
What Will They Say About You?
March 07, 2017
“What will they say about you?” is a question many young Arab females are challenged with at home. Women are met with this phrase from family and friends when they endeavor to try something unexpected ...
What Are Girls Made Of?
March 07, 2017
“What our girls are made of” is one of the most recognisable and loved songs from Russian childhood. Sung by children and parents from an early age, the song’s verses sweetly describe little girls ...
AB InBev
Infected By Music
July 21, 2016
Featuring the original song in collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto and Los Angeles producer and DJ Jauz, the 3-minute ‘Infected’ music video aims to get people fired up for Tomorrowland, ...
This Is Living
May 12, 2016
Building upon Corona's existing iconic world of sand, salty water and sun, the campaign serves as a reminder that outside is where our best side shines through and where we live the moments that truly ...
Take Me Home
May 12, 2016
Meet the handsome and fearless mountaineer Anton, the anxiously waiting Cookie Time clock, glitz and glamour loving Fluffy, wise and sweet Grandpa and the always hungryMama Bear.
Booking Passions
March 07, 2016
Passions, we all have them. Relentless cravings, enthusiasms, itches that need to be scratched. Be that a chance to dig for truffles, unleash your inner warrior or just wear a lot of chain mail. Whatever ...
October 21, 2015
Milka’s getting a new shape in Russia- a rounder one with fewer corners and fewer sharp edges, and more room for tenderness.