You’ve found us.

Wieden+Kennedy. The largest independent agency in the world.

You might have found us because of our work for Bud Light, Nike, KFC, or Old Spice.

You’ve probably even bookmarked one of our ads to watch again. Nerd.

However you managed to find us, we’re glad you did.

Because there’s something you don’t know about the largest independent agency in the world: we’re probably trying to find you.

And with offices in Portland, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Delhi, São Paulo, and Shanghai, there are plenty of places for us to find each other.

We want to find that hungry recent communications grad or that portfolio school student who’s tired of spending their entire internship doing schoolwork.

We don’t want to find interns. We want to find employees.

So that’s what our residency program is: a full-time, big-kid job... that may or may not end in three months.

But for those three months you are a full-fledged employee of Wieden+Kennedy, an accomplice to our unique brand of crazy.

From June to August you’re in it. You’re briefing with teams and presenting to the biggest clients in the world. You’re tossed into a new project almost every week, and they are projects that turn into real work for us and for you.

It can be stressful. So we keep dogs everywhere to chill us out. And they’re sitting next to some of the most creative, passionate, and humble people in the world.

And guess what? You get paid more than some of them, too. $12/hour + overtime for 40+ hour workweeks, with housing stipend and airfare (to and from). Because we don’t think you should have to worry about that when you’ve already given us your life force. Seems rude.

Local residents don’t need stipends or airfare because they get to go home after work like real W+K bosses. Lucky.

So, you interested? Ready to join the crazy?

We’re so glad we found you.

Our deadline for applications is April 1, 2017.

So, where would you like to work?

Or you can check out some other offices to join: 

São Paulo:
Shanghai: or