We have a residency program here at Wieden+Kennedy.

And, if we do say so ourselves, it’s a pretty good program.

We pay our residents, give them a housing stipend, and assign them real projects for real clients.

It’s not so much a residency as a tryout for a full-time job. We only accept people we think we might like to eventually hire.

In fact, our residency program is so good we’re inundated with applications at the moment and had to close this submission page for a bit.

So if you’re interested, stay tuned and check this page periodically, and we’ll open it back up for applications soon enough.

In the meantime, live life, gain experience, and make awesome shit. We’ll want to see what you’ve been making when you do apply.

Check out some other offices to join:

São Paulo: oskennedys@wk.com
Amsterdam: http://thekennedys.nl/
London: http://wklondon.com/jobs/
Shanghai: jing.jin@wk.com or shirley.chen@wk.com
Tokyo: ronny.gallegos@wk.com
Delhi: hrdelhi@wk.com