WK Graffiti
Fueled by stale smoke, paint fumes, fever dreams and vaporized lead, 7/8th is a mural in the stairwell between our two floors.
Wieden+Kennedy aspires to be more than just an ad agency. As proof, several distinctly different experiments created by W+K allow us to build new relationships with the communities we reside in as well as help transform our ever-evolving industry. Our incubators create environments for entrepreneurial partnership and mentorship that drive culture and innovation. There is no blueprint for building a W+K incubator; each has evolved out of a need to adapt in a dynamic world and to engage with people at the forefront of technology, arts and commerce.
P.I.E, or the Portland Incubator Experiment, is an ongoing experimental collaboration between Wieden+Kennedy and tech entrepreneurs. Based out of our Portland office, P.I.E's mission is threefold: innovate business models and create tech-fueled cultural disruptions, build platforms rather than one-off's, and act as a tech-entrepreneur accelerator and social hub. P.I.E's members are leaders in tech: engineers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, geeks, makers and do-ers. While a percentage of projects are geared towards W+K clients, its core spirit is entrepreneurial and it has incubated everything from audio indexing/parsing technology to a niche meat product fulfillment site (aka online bacon superstore).
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The India Tube
Part magazine, part directory, part media gallery this is a space for everything that's incredible about India. For the inspiring and the unbelievable, the cutting edge and the traditional, the beautiful and the bizarre. The India Tube is a place for travellers, not for tourists. It's about the insight, not the information. Welcome.
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The Kennedys
On June 1, 2011,W+K Amsterdam will launch The Kennedys, an in-house apprenticeship program. Inspired by agency cofounder, David Kennedy, this eclectic group of multidisciplinary creatives (writers, photographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, tech developers, game designers, doers, makers, thinkers, schemers and plotters) will join our office for six months. With support, tutelage and encouragement from our creative team, The Kennedys will produce real work on real projects, either for one of Wieden+Kennedy’s clients or as an independent project for the agency.
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W+K Exp
W+K Exp, based out of W+K Delhi, aims to make art accessible to everyone, whether you’re a veteran collector looking for an original or someone who’s simply looking for a print to put on your wall – or even if you’re just there for the experience. We believe that art shouldn’t have to be ‘arty’ and that culture is not something to be put on a pedestal and worshipped. So our endeavor is to create an experience for you that’s shaped by this belief - stripped of jargon and overloaded price tags, to be enjoyed on your own terms.
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WK 12
Since April 1, 2004, W+K Portland has been conducting an experiment, disguised as a school, disguised as an agency. Its alias is 12, and every year approximately 13 creative people, mostly from outside the advertising industry, come to our Portland office for a year of collaboration, learning, sleepless nights and ad-making alchemy. Students may be writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, robot builders, and the occasional recovering attorney. A rotation of W+K creative directors lead their tutelage and give students a unique perspective on the how's and why's of the way we work. W+K 12 operates as its own mini-agency, with both pro-bono and paying clients, but it also exists as a press, a film production company, an art collective, and whatever else the current 12'ers decide it should be.
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