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Smell Better Than Yourself
September 07, 2011
This campaign takes a humorous look at how the scents of Old Spice can turn average guys into the manliest of men. With the scents of Old Spice, you can "Smell Better Than Yourself."
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Matt P.
Nov. 22 2011
Hello, I'm doing a project for my media class. I was wondering who I could talk to or where I can find information about the "Sea Captain" ad a part of the "Smell Better Than Yourself" campaign?
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Neil N.
Oct. 2 2011
To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come: Greetings! Please give me the name of the fabricator of the shoulder octopus maker. I want to have something similar for Halowe'en. I can be reached at Facebook (since you have asked for access to my friends and me) or you could email me at:
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Andreas S.
Sep. 14 2011
Really funny! Love the print add! Looks awesome. Great job guys!
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